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Cristina and her team welcome you

Since its founding in 2003, Bereloptik benefits from the expertise of Ms. VALENTE SIMOES Cristina, holder of the optician-optometrist diploma at the I.O.R.T. (BAC+4) and accumulating 26 years of experience. Bereloptik’s commitment to providing quality services has continued to grow since then. Bereloptik is here to welcome you in your choice of new glasses or new contact lenses.

Equipped with a team of qualified optometrists and opticians to offer you the best possible services and products.

Of course, the desires of our customers have continued to evolve over time, but one thing has not changed: the permanent need for exceptional comfort.

The fact that we are a Luxembourg company has a lot to do with the quality of our services.

We are constantly seeking to improve our skills and techniques, opting for continuing training for all our employees.

In order to offer you the best service, you can benefit from the following advantages:

Free eye exam when purchasing your new glasses

Free guest parking

Access for people with reduced mobility

Appointment at home for persons with reduced mobility

Years of experience


A service at eye level, confidence is important to us

Qualified and experienced opticians

Our company has qualified and experienced optometrists in its workforce. We offer you the possibility of checking your eyesight, according to an examination approved by the National Health Fund. We adapt all types of contact lenses, soft or hard or scleral, for all types of visual defects (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia). We are specialized in the adaptation of non-standard contact lenses (keratoconus, orthokeratology, dressing lenses, multifocal lenses, high astigmatism, topographic lenses, …).


With orthokeratology offered by Bereloptik, goodbye glasses!

This is a non-surgical procedure using specially designed contact lenses to reshape your cornea overnight.

In the morning, vision is clear without glasses or contact lenses, for the whole day.


The “i.Terminal2®” from Carl Zeiss, a high-precision digital centering system, offers optimal visual comfort and rapid adaptation for wearers of individualized progressive lenses. Its patented technology automatically detects the pupils and avoids the effects of convergence and parallax thanks to its ultra-precise centering to within 1/10th of a mm. Bereloptik bears the Zeiss “Relaxed Vision Center®” label.

The Oculus, corneal topographer

The technology allows an analysis of 22,000 different points on the cornea with optimal precision, and makes possible a personalized contact lens adaptation of any visual defect, including extreme cases of corneal deformation.

Low vision : “see better, live better”

We offer visual aids for the visually impaired, such as illuminated magnifiers, digital magnifiers (SMARTLUX DIGITAL portable electronic magnifier), magnifiers connected to the TV set, protective filters, special visual aids such as “MaxTV” or “Max Detail”.

Nautilus® by Essilor

A 3D visual experience that simulates the optical effects of glasses and treatments, allowing you to make an informed choice of the ideal glass and the best visual comfort. Watch the Nautilus® video!

Our experience at your service

Our key strengths

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Eye exam

Eye examination carried out by specialists qualified in optometry

Multifocal lenses

Experts in the fitting of multifocal lenses

Contact lens

Unmatched expertise in contact lens fitting

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact our team, or you can call us at any time.

(+352) 26 33 42 43


A variety of brands that match our services

We offer you a choice of more than 1500 glasses and sunglasses in stock.

We have selected our brands so that there is enough variety in classic, modern, stylish and even in crazy glasses to ensure that there is something for everyone.

Our selection has been made from those brands (some of which are listed opposite) that have both good working conditions and delivery times, in order to provide you with the service you have every right to expect.

For children we also work with many brands such as: Star Wars, Dutz Kids, Hello Kitty, Opdo, Rayban Jr., NanoVista, Etnia, Oakley Youth…

Since 2017, Bereloptik has also included new brands in its portfolio: ic!berlin, Porsche Design, Cazal, George Gina & Lucy, Ted Baker, Bottega Venetta, Alexander Mc Queen, Snob Milano, Woody’s Barcelona, New York Yankees and T.A.S. (Take-a-Shot), and others …


Eyecare Cosmetics

Eyecare Cosmetics is a brand recognised as a reference for skin care and cosmetic products with “high tolerance” and recommended by doctors, dermatologists, allergists, and ophthalmologists.

Thanks to the biological properties of the ingredients used, any skin and eye irritation (tear film, callus, epidermis, etc.) is avoided.

Eyecare Cosmetics has a strict commitment:

Ultra-micronised formulas.

Water insoluble pigments.

Non-ionic ingredients.

Elimination of risk components, use of active components in physiological dose.

Natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin.

No allergenic fragrances.

No ingredients of animal origin.

Care and make-up for sensitive or allergic skin and eyes, compatible with contact lenses.


Our types of glasses

Visual impairments are a problem that is becoming increasingly important in all industrialised countries.

That is why it is important for us to select lens brands for our customers that offer excellent vision at all distances (near, far and middle distance).

New products:

Zeiss DriveSafe® lenses reduce the discomfort caused by glare for drivers who are sensitive to car headlights or street lights.

Seiko Smartzoom® lenses and Zeiss Digital® lenses, to enjoy screens and live your connected life while taking care of your eyes.

Polarizing lenses that prevent glare from light reflected on wet or shiny surfaces and impair vision in driving situations are now available in lenses that come with our eyewear models. Discover our wide range of colours.

New antireflective coatings (such as BlueGuard from Zeiss), protect against the harmful effects of blue light, whose prolonged exposure (computer screens, tablets, smartphones, LED lamps) can cause eye fatigue and damage our eyes.

A clearer vision

Our contact lenses

Are you already a contact lens wearer, and would like to keep up to date with the latest developments in this field?

Or are you considering contact lenses, but still have your doubts?

Our team includes 2 contact lens fitting specialists.

We are backed by leading laboratories such as Alcon, Johnson & Johnson, Cooper Vision, Bausch, Lomb and Hecht, Swisslens, Precilens, Menicon.

Come and talk eye-to-eye with one of our fitters.

Luxembourg’s new daily lens

Fitting Contact Lens Experts

We adapt all types of contact lenses and we are proud to offer a wide range that meets the needs of patients, including for orthokeratology and all corneal pathologies (corneal deformation, keratoconus, post-cross-linking, pellucid degeneration marginal, corneal transplant, coloboma and for post-refractive surgery adaptation). We understand how difficult it can be for people with these conditions to find the lens that’s right for them. This is why we work diligently to ensure customization to your specific needs.

We are experts in fitting soft toric multifocal lenses, dressing lenses, scleral lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses – including multifocals and those specifically designed for orthokeratology.

Myopia Management (slowing down myopia in children)

There are several options for treating the progression of myopia in children: with contact lenses that the child wears only at night, soft contact lenses during the day, eye drops and special spectacle lenses.

Special spectacle lenses for myopia, such as those in the myopia management range from ZEISS, HOYA, or even Cooper Vision Specialty Eyecare are a practical method of treating progressive myopia in children. These lenses are designed to treat the progression of myopia and are probably the most comfortable solution for a young patient.

We also specialize in fitting contact lenses to effectively slow the progression of myopia in children. Our experts can fit daily, quarterly and rigid soft lenses for myopia management with faster results.

Whatever the treatment, lifestyle also has a strong impact on the health of our eyes: studies have shown that myopia is less frequent in children who spend a lot of time outdoors, or progresses more slowly if a child is myopic.

Grâce à nos conseils, porter des lentilles devient un véritable plaisir au quotidien.

Exclusive in Luxembourg !

« Oakley Accessories »

Our department is entirely dedicated to the OAKLEY brand: sports bags, travel bags, T-shirts, technical clothing for skiing, ski masks, MX masks for mountain biking and motocross, watches, belts, caps & hats, gloves, iPhone/iPad licensed accessories, …


Benefit from better prices than in the Oakley Store!!!



Let us take you into the world of ENERGETIX Bingen: Exclusive jewellery in most beautiful design with integrated magnets – magnetic jewellery in finest brilliance and with outstanding optical effect.

Whether bracelet, ring, necklace or earrings, the brand ENERGETIX BINGEN offers a wide range of products for women and men, but also for young people and children.

The success of ENERGETIX BINGEN lies in its insatiable and constant effort to offer new designs, first-class quality and a selection of qualitative materials that leaves nothing to be desired.


Our offerings

2nd pair

1st prizes 100% reimbursed on CNS basis:

Frame + single vision lenses: €90

The 1st Multifocal prizes:

Frame + multifocal lenses: €268

2nd pair


on the price of lenses, for any purchase of a second piece of equipment of equivalent quality.

Optical packages
unifocal & multifocal

Child or adult frame + single vision lenses with anti-scratch & anti-reflective treatment: €130

Frames + anti-scratch & anti-reflective multifocal lenses: €370

Choose from a large selection of glasses models to discover in store

see conditions (index, powers etc.) in store.


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